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So… it’s been a while since I posted but a lot has happened since then! Just wanted to make a quick post to update anyone who reads this blog (even if it’s just a little note to myself, eh). I’ve now moved out of my Uni house which is super sad because it was a big part of my life for two years. Going to Uni was probably the best thing I’ve ever done, and yes this is cheesy as heck but I’ve learnt so much (not just academic), made lifelong friends and developed as a person. I’m definitely glad to be back home for the foreseeable future but I’m going to miss my crappy student house a bloody lot. The thought of the future and adult life, particularly when it comes to jobs is super scary at the moment but it’s also really exciting and I’m looking forward to it. Here’s to the future.

Katie x


Life Lessons From University

They say your years at university will be the best of your life (whoever “they” are). I would argue that they aren’t necessarily the best of your life (it’s full of stress a…

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I’ve just come back from a short trip to Amsterdam, and it was amazing. I’m not even exaggerating. That place is something special! (and no, not because of the weed or red light district- even though that definitely attracts a large proportion of the tourists there…). The weather was a bit iffy but still much better than the weather in the UK at the moment, hello flash floods? what is going on?!

We visited the Van Gough Musuem, the Anne Frank house, Artis zoo, the Sex Musuem and lots of other places. There are a lot of canals in Amsterdam as you would expect but it meant that you’d get lost quite a few times as everywhere pretty much looks the same!

The dutch speak english so well and are so friendly that we felt so at home there. We may have nearly got run over by a bike or a car a few times but it was a really great experience that I’d love to repeat. Just be warned if you ever want to visit… weed cookies, stroopwafels, clogs and tulips are all over the place (or at least the tourist shops anyway).

Here are just a few pictures from my trip:


Vaarwel! (Dutch for goodbye in case you were wondering)
Katie xx

My Beautiful Broken Brain

This is a brilliant film which is currently on Netflix about a young women who experiences a haemorrhagic stroke and learns to cope with the impact of it. The impact of this is extremely damaging, she loses the ability to write and articulate herself in a normal way. Before the stroke, Lotje was articulate, loved books and travelling. After the stroke, she finds it hard to sequence her words and do normal everyday things. This film documents her journey through recovery and the emotional heartbreak experienced by this traumatic event. To me, its a very different but inspirational take on something which is not always talked about enough. Of course, I wouldn’t be a Student Speech and Language Therapist if I didn’t talk about how SALT are potrayed in this film… very well I have to add. It’s interesting how much therapy can help and support someone like Lotje through her recovery. Half way through, Lotje is given the opportunity to take part in non-invasive brain stimulation to see if this will help with her language function. This is still a new and upcoming research area but something I am pleased to see featured in this film. I’ll finish by saying that this film is definitely worth a watch if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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Katie xxx


Another travelling blog post, sorry!

At the time of writing, I am currently in Copenhagen the capital city of Denmark. Funny story, I used to think Copenhagen was in the US or somewhere in Southern Europe (no wonder I nearly failed geography!). I visited all the typical tourist attractions like the little mermaid statue (pretty tiny to be honest), Christiania (Freetown), The National Gallery of Denmark and Christenborg Palace etc.  Copenhagen is a very cycle friendly city which unfortunately means you should expect cycle jams and being nearly run over by cyclists if you happen to walk into a cycle path. Not that I did that once or twice… but still cycle friendly is good and all that! very similar to Amsterdam and Berlin in that aspect.

I just want to write a bit about the freetown of Christiania which is completely separate from the Danish government. They have their own rules and are set apart from Danish society. In that regard, walking into the freetown puts you a bit on edge but it’s an interesting experience overall. The place is full of colourful graffiti and weird and wonderful sights. It’s referenced as the green light district and I’m sure a little Google will explain why you weren’t allowed to take pictures on the main street… but yes Christiania- definitely worth a visit!

Copenhagen itself is pretty expensive but then the majority of Scandinavian capital cities/countries are too (Norway anyone?). However, it’s a lovely city with a friendly atmosphere, with plenty to see and do. Worth visiting 😊

Below are some pictures from Copenhagen:




The Little Mermaid


Nyvan (near the harbour)


Christenborg Palace


Enjoy your weekend.
Katie x

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OCD in Media #3: OCD Love Story, by Corey Ann Haydu –

Who Am I? A Student With OCD & Anxiety

A few months ago I had the opportunity to write a personal essay for the website OC87 Recovery Diaries. The website was created as an outgrowth of a documentary (OC87: The Obsessive Compulsive, Maj…

Source: Who Am I? A Student With OCD & Anxiety


We had a lecture on mental health earlier today and it was so interesting. If you know me (which you probably don’t as we’re on the internet and most of us are strangers) then you’ll know I’m passionate about mental health and the stigma that surrounds it. It’s surprising how common mental health problems are; 1 in 4 of us will experience it at some point in our lives. In a class of nearly 70 people (my course), that’s a massive statistic. I myself have suffered and am suffering  (though is that the right word?) from mental illness. I know many who also do. Many who are very close to me. It’s something we cannot ignore, no matter how much some people would love to. The stigma surrounding mental health problems is still crazy! although we have improved from locking people away and throwing away the key (so to speak) it’s still a big issue. We as a society need to start seeing physical and mental illness as similar things, in the sense that they both can severely impact on a person’s life even if like is the case for mental illness, it is invisible. 

If you or you know someone who is suffering from mental illness, let them know they are supported and loved. Signpost them to different websites; (samaritans, rethink mental illness, mind) are all good for this kind of stuff. Most importantly, let them know that they are not alone.

I really could talk about mental health for days so if you want to chat or question me about anything then email me or twitter me at @amazednosity.

Keep calm and carry on as they say…
Be strong.

Katie xxx

Still Alice

Hey guys.

So I just finished watching one of the best films I’ve seen over the past month or so. This film is called “Still Alice” (as you’ve probably guessed) and came out last year. We got recommended this film at Uni a few months ago when we were learning about Dementia and just like any procrastinator does, it took me till today to watch it!

Here’s the trailer for it:

I don’t want to spoil anything so I’m just going to write a few words on this film so you can get a brief idea of what its about and how much I would recommend it. This film starts like any other film and introduces us to Alice, a 50 year old linguistics professor. She has a lovely family and pretty much a normal life but this slowly changes as she starts to forget words and becomes lost in her everyday life.


This film follows her and her family’s experience of her progression of Alzheimer’s disease and covers themes of humour, honesty and sadness. I feel that this film is an accurate portrayal of the disease and how it affects individuals and their families. It recognises the stigma around Alzheimer’s and does not lie or sugar-coat the disturbing nature of the disease. This film does have a few unexpected surprises such as the ending which I felt was a little unresolved but was beautifully done. All in all, these few words will not have done “Still Alice” much justice but I hope you will give this film a chance as it might give you an insight not only into the disease itself but in how it affects all those involved.

Thanks for reading.

Katie x

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